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The incredible range of Altro Safety Floors provide decorative and practical solutions to all flooring solutions with excellent durability, slip resistance and style. MGD are accomplished in all types of flooring applications and can undertake the complete floor preparation and installation process.

Altro Walkway 20

Popular, 2mm safety flooring for excellent durability in a wide range of locations where health and safety standards dictate underfoot safety.

Biscuit VM20907Black VM20892Blue VM20412Bone VM20215Cerise VM20906Cloud VM2014Copperbeech VM2015Dolphin VM2010Fog VM2015Grove VM20911Maize VM20908Mandarin VM20904

Altro Marine 20

The original safety floor for wet, barefoot areas. This carefully textured 2mm thick safety floor is specifically designed for safety with wet, bare feet or soft-soled footwear. It is ideal for recreational wet areas, as well as associated changing rooms. The inclusion of coloured chips and grains enables it to be co-ordinated with Altro Walkway or Altro Impressionist II in adjacent areas.

Cascade IPT20809Reef T20801Spa T20802Crest T20805Rainfall IPT20810Shower T20804Torrent T20806Tide IPT20808Steam IPT20807Ripple T20803

Altro Stronghold 30

Ideal for safety in wet and greasy areas. A 3mm thick safety flooring designed for slip-resistance where frequent spillage is likely. Resilient and comfortable to walk on, with good acoustic properties, it combines excellent under-foot security with long-term durability and ease of cleaning.

Dolphin K3010Lagoon K30910Maple K30522Monsoon K30153Oyster K30215Russet K30262Skyline K30332Surf K30412

Altro Classic 25

The original slip resistant safety floor. It combines silicon carbide in the surface for initial slip resistance and aluminium trioxide throughout the thickness. It is a popular choice providing a durable, slip resistance floor covering.

Anvil X2594Blue X2541Moss X2533Mushroom X2542Quarry Red X2560Walnut X2586Pewter Grey X2539

Altro Maxis

Ideal for high traffic areas. The 2.5mm thick Altro Maxis contains patented Altro Easyclean Maxis Technology for superior cleanability and colour retention. It is ideal for corridors, stairs, shops, restaurants, schools and hospitals, where an attractive appearance and safety underfoot are critical.

Aspire MXD25205Calibre MXD25201Conquest MXD25202Endeavour MXI25210Epic MXI25212Fusion MXI25208Intrepid MXD25203Merit MXD25207Pinnacle MXD25204Summit MXD25206Universe MXI25209Vanquish MXI25211

Altro Impressionist II

A decorative yet practical 2mm thick safety flooring for medium to high traffic areas. The inclusion of coloured chips within a complementary background enables adjacent floor and wall finishes to be co-ordinated.

Adobe IP2008Aqua IP2018Arctic IP2012Canvas IP2009Lunar IP2005Mineral IP2003Oasis IP2011Ore IP2004Stucco IP2013Tranquil IP2017Zen IP2015

Altro Designer 25

Coloured quartz crystals in exciting base colours. 2.5mm thick safety flooring to enhance any interior scheme. The long term durability and excellent slip resistance are complemented by Altro Easyclean Technology for a lasting attractive appearance.

Biscuit D25904Bone D25215Fog D25153Jet D2501Midnight D25421Rosa D25905Rust D25907Skyline D25332Storm D25903Teal D25906Twilight D25910Victoria D25908

Altro Resin Floor Systems

A dream for both interior designers and specifiers for the harshest, industrial environments. If there's a more versatile, resilient flooring, we'd love to hear about it. Resins are equally at home in high-street boutiques, bakeries and kitchens, warehouses and a wide range of factories.